Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr.Obama - Welcome Hope , Welcome Change , Welcome Goodtimes

It all began with an Audacity of Hope to today a promise taking oath and a dream taking shape. These are unprecedented times and Changing times. The responsibility of Change being Change for the better lay squarely on all our shoulders. World Citizens.There is a message of immense plurality, compassion , understanding and intent in Obama's speech. If Mr.O can add a dimension of giant thinking behind all his administration and policy matters , it will go a long way in aiding him Lead from the Front. Create a legacy which will be revered and create mass followership across the world.

Think !

There is a future where the walls between countries , cultures , religions and economies will get shorter and sober like picket fences. This could well be the beginning of One World , One Citizen agenda.Wishes from a sincere World Citizen to Obama to build a better United States of America uniting the World. As Indians our country will go to vote with the responsibility to elect and voice an equally telling mandate ..this will strengthen the Globe to win against all odds and win for all.

As the worlds largest democracy goes to seek its peoples mandates , the second most populous nation and the one of the fastest growing economy has an opportunity to deliver a electroal mandate choosing the next great leader from this great nation.

Many a tiny awakenings around India suggest that we will be there as well along with Obama helping us remake a new world order.