Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Role of Breed of Executive Coach's in todays World

More than ever before there is an emergency to bail out the globe today with outstanding leadership. The kind of leadership which will save the planet and humanity.

While there is a quantum of focus devoted by the Fouth Estate on global economy and the adjacent periphery of finance , equity and emergance of third world countries as a global force to reckon , the Noble Peace Prize conferred upon the rare focus and determination of The InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore Jr is a powerful voice crying out for visibility and attention from the power that are around the world to recoganise the precarious issue of Global Warming.

Also the increasing menace of the terror avalance sweeping both the developed countries and the third world is a cause of worry creeping into every household seeking a brighter tommorow.

Again we are fast evolving as a world of distinct islands of prosperity and progress as the issues of economic islands , digital divide and other urban western culture stereo types are fragmenting a planet which is craving for Inclusive Progress and Prosperity of Humanity.

I am of the belief that there is a need to mentor and create a pipeline of leadership ammunition to combat the above divisive forces with pluralistic vision of a welfare planet. The kind of vision which is found wanting as we count our fragile steps in progress when a world order is diminishing akin to running a reverse marathon to undo the 100 years of recent progress of humanity.

Nobel Peace Prize conferred this year has a telling message to humanity. Its time to wake up and build a Pluralistic , Inclusive Global Welfare Project to save Planet Earth. And we need armies of leaders with this shared vision is every sphere of life from all around the globe.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Never before has the planet experienced the over whelming impact of "Serendipity" ever since the advent of Internet and then now touted Web 2.0.

Just imagine that some one some where in the planet is spending a mere less than 2 dollars and hour to access the network and happens to stumble across a note / blog / site /email or a IM which lights up a fire in his imagination.

Imagine a sleepy after noon when you casually surf the web to find a link by accident . Little do you realise that you been surfing several related contents on that site for more than half your weekend untill you wife screams at the top of her voice on you state of Web 2.0 trance.

Seldom do we realise that it we have so very easily adopted and accepted the way of life on the internet. While there is a world out there which is cemented to the old fashioned ways of life unwilling to let of of the bongade of suffering and continue to drag their feet with burdens. Burdens like filing tax returns on paper , ignoring new management techniques for the next gen or even simply unwilling to learn to drive on a new high way adopting the new rules.

Yet just by happnestance we got on to the ways of life on the net and realise how exciting life can be if we open our minds and hearts to the influence of millions of happy , bright folks around the world.

Making friends and finding people of your interests has never been easy.

Having a dialouge about global warming or the raise of the Indian State or the Dragon or the aleviating power of the individual has never been so ubiquitous. At least for me and the vast percent of people connected around the world.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all that just by an act of "Serendipity " online what wealth of experiences did you get to engage in ??

Let the world know !


The power of the Network

Many in the world of technology believe that the computing power reside in the PC at the clients end. The folks who believed this a decade ago dominated the world of computing like never before.Today they sit of on a pile of 50 billion plus cash and a world of phinalthorophy to execute at areas of education, health and socity enhancement in the third world.

Yet there were others who believed that the server side of the technology world was the palce of vantage and they could literally control the shape of thing to unfold with clout and a clout that they wielded for over 8 decades ever since they dised out to the business world the all powerful and secure mainframe.

Ironalically in a televised tete - a tete with the two visionaries and market makers of our times " Steve Jobs & Bill Gates " both still hold on to some of both the thoughts presented in the earlier paragraphs. That the new world order will be as much about having a rich client with a strong server or a strong server with an intellignet client with an ability to dynamically server up content to the user on demand.

There are other in the world who quitely went ahead and defined the state of the mart of what most people call Web 2.0. The new age gaints such as Amazon , Google , eBay , and why Apples own iTunes and then a pioneer who always beleived that the "NETWORK IS THE COMPUTE R" ...Sun Microsystems.

Even as the world shrinks as it gravitate to a new millenium....... Zillions and gazzillions of possibilities emerge. I beleive that nothing that we have as capabilities or thought mould will stand the test of time and the avalanche of change sweeping the old world and shaping the a new world order.

Perhaphs GOTHAM city wont be the same again!!!

Talk Back and let the world know what you think !


Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Leaders for and Evolving World

WHich kind of leadership will be required to sustain the change sweeping new world order.

* Ethical Leadership.
*Capitalistic Leadership.
*People Leadership.
*Scientific Leadership.
* Medical Leadership.

I am inviting the leaders both young and experienced !

Lets jam !