Friday, July 13, 2007


Never before has the planet experienced the over whelming impact of "Serendipity" ever since the advent of Internet and then now touted Web 2.0.

Just imagine that some one some where in the planet is spending a mere less than 2 dollars and hour to access the network and happens to stumble across a note / blog / site /email or a IM which lights up a fire in his imagination.

Imagine a sleepy after noon when you casually surf the web to find a link by accident . Little do you realise that you been surfing several related contents on that site for more than half your weekend untill you wife screams at the top of her voice on you state of Web 2.0 trance.

Seldom do we realise that it we have so very easily adopted and accepted the way of life on the internet. While there is a world out there which is cemented to the old fashioned ways of life unwilling to let of of the bongade of suffering and continue to drag their feet with burdens. Burdens like filing tax returns on paper , ignoring new management techniques for the next gen or even simply unwilling to learn to drive on a new high way adopting the new rules.

Yet just by happnestance we got on to the ways of life on the net and realise how exciting life can be if we open our minds and hearts to the influence of millions of happy , bright folks around the world.

Making friends and finding people of your interests has never been easy.

Having a dialouge about global warming or the raise of the Indian State or the Dragon or the aleviating power of the individual has never been so ubiquitous. At least for me and the vast percent of people connected around the world.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all that just by an act of "Serendipity " online what wealth of experiences did you get to engage in ??

Let the world know !


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