Thursday, April 23, 2009

future think

Running my thoughts refreshed after a jog at the university campus , i was urged to jot down a few points which in my view will take solid form from the faint traces we see today.

A twitter kind of 140 alphabets seemed a more energetic manner to capture the essence concisely instead of the conumdrun of a narrative style of representation. A spacw where i can append with additions as an when i envision conveniently.

Hope these serve a purpose :

Monolithic Industries are challenged by new market entrants. Competition is penetrating the traditional silos from all directions. (Banking, Financial services and Insurance)

Emerging markets are challenging traditional and imperialistic norms of banking industries as cost structures and statutory imperatives of a traditional banking systems are subjected to severe stress ( Due to economic melt down ) ( Due to increased consumer empowerment with information ubiquity )

Markets are diffusing with overlap as clear demarcation industry silo days are giving way to composite market conditions. (Non Banking Financial Super stores); (Convergence of telecom and entertainment business)

New hitherto unaddressed market niches are emerging as profitable and socially responsible vehicles of economic progress. (Micro Finance) (Crowd sourcing)

New age protectionism abrogating the natural exacerbation of globalization in a flat world. The vestibules of the archaic Left rearing the ugly remains of a sell by date bygone era ideology.

Increased regulatory standards posing as stumbling blocks for new entrants in a flat world of economic template.

Growing gap of the digital divide isolating fragments of economic societies into forbidden pockets of market pariahs.

Information democratization is creating new market opportunities challenging the traditional bastions of commerce.

Talent capital cementing its preeminence over other forms of traditional business assets as a cornerstone in a society bracing the knowledge community.

Consumers are defining markets as a result each time a consumer preference shifts there is a resultant seismic market shift disrupting established economic operators prone to rigid and concrete functioning.

Modular & Adaptable business models with fluid cost structures are best able to cope with a persistent yet increasingly evolutionary state of change of the economic eco system.

Strategy, talent and fiscal troika combined with a virtue of nimble footed just in time execution around a rich information fulcrums creating next generation mega corps.

Leaders with a passionate penchant to think and break away from the status quo with agility are creating enterprises of tomorrow.

Shareholder as a prime benefactor of a capitalistic framework ahead of consumers and society are severely undermining the essence and longevity of organizations.

Operative quick fixes in the form of LBO, M&A, Bail-Out or Chapter 11 as acceptable remedial measures emanating from the above anomaly of disproportionate swivel to the insatiable shareholder.

Demanding capitalistic pressures stifling the art of innovation, invention, thrust on pure research and development; particularly in the field sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology.

Consuming more than we can replenish is creating an imbalance injurious to human in habitation.

Energy costs imperatives and irresponsible use of the natural resources is inundating a blue & green globe. Carbon economy is more injurious than presently envisioned; a mere passing of the irresponsible buck to people who are forced to be responsible by the irresponsible people guilty of heating the globe. Another quick fix which will get us to a FIX.

Decoupling thrust of capital markets at a macro level with coalescence of CEO’s managing for the customers and society as well instead of squarely focusing on shareholders. For starters – annual guidance instead of 90 day myopic vision of today!

What are the biggest strategic blunders in Telecom industry ?

I am no teleco expert. But the way I see it is that the industry czars missed a couple of important buses riding into the future.

1. Telephone is used by an individual. The biggest players in the market ignored most populous places like India & China. At these places as soon as a cost structure was dismantled to meet the price points sweet spot the markets exploded. Telecom industry came to this region at least two decades late. World would have been an interesting place had the above blunder not happened.

2.A mistake till today..its taking too long to tie up IP, Analog,TV, Voice & Data..each protecting their turf & like a place in India the government is messing around 3 G auctions..Converge all of these into the palm of the consumer & help the telecom solution reach at least half of the people around the world..? Once we all are connected , we can transact communicate entertain & do business ..charge zero for connectivity a business model on top of the infrastructure that vends the platform of connectedness !!

I hope this made sense..