Friday, July 13, 2007

The power of the Network

Many in the world of technology believe that the computing power reside in the PC at the clients end. The folks who believed this a decade ago dominated the world of computing like never before.Today they sit of on a pile of 50 billion plus cash and a world of phinalthorophy to execute at areas of education, health and socity enhancement in the third world.

Yet there were others who believed that the server side of the technology world was the palce of vantage and they could literally control the shape of thing to unfold with clout and a clout that they wielded for over 8 decades ever since they dised out to the business world the all powerful and secure mainframe.

Ironalically in a televised tete - a tete with the two visionaries and market makers of our times " Steve Jobs & Bill Gates " both still hold on to some of both the thoughts presented in the earlier paragraphs. That the new world order will be as much about having a rich client with a strong server or a strong server with an intellignet client with an ability to dynamically server up content to the user on demand.

There are other in the world who quitely went ahead and defined the state of the mart of what most people call Web 2.0. The new age gaints such as Amazon , Google , eBay , and why Apples own iTunes and then a pioneer who always beleived that the "NETWORK IS THE COMPUTE R" ...Sun Microsystems.

Even as the world shrinks as it gravitate to a new millenium....... Zillions and gazzillions of possibilities emerge. I beleive that nothing that we have as capabilities or thought mould will stand the test of time and the avalanche of change sweeping the old world and shaping the a new world order.

Perhaphs GOTHAM city wont be the same again!!!

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Amit said...


You have mastered the art of weaving jargon and elevated words to create an impression of profound thought, without really saying anything. :)

Come on Man, rise to your potential, take a stand and write something which sets a new direction in thinking.

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